Growing your brand

The ability to effectively communicate the appropriate message and place it within hands reach of a potential consumer is a process we like to be creative about. Positioning of a brand and reaching a target population requires key and dynamic elements. The challenge facing most businesses is that marketing a service or product, no matter how good or relevant it may be, is too time consuming, expensive and most importantly, it is almost impossible to find a company that will represent your brand and business the way that you envision. Whether its designing a new campaign, company website or aligning an organisation with business enhancing software, we believe in face-to-face or online engagements and building a close working relationship in order to better understand your business and your needs.  


Business Analysis

In order to understand the internal and external environment from which you operate, we employ a variety of qualitative processes to acquire information. Depending on what the objective is, we gather as much information about your internal and external environment, which includes your holistic digital footprint.

With a background in the business and pure sciences, we are equipped to twig complex market scenarios. Understanding core product attributes, specific marketable and sales points together with differential characteristics all the way down to the molecular level, all culminates in a foundation from which to start planning the sales approach. From this point, a complete strategic and current status analysis enables us to pave the best possible route forward to increasing market share.


Content Creation

Our core strength and a heavily underestimated area of potential gain for businesses… Whether it’s a limited character social media message or a comprehensive marketing campaign strategy from which content will be created for a multitude of platforms, we specialise in creating content for:

  • Videos and Voice Overs
  • All Major Social Media Platforms
  • Blogs and Guest Blogging
  • Profiles (Digital and Print)
  • Press Releases
  • Websites
  • Business Articles
  • Short Publications
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Product Descriptions
  • Local to International Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales, Operational and Digital Training Content


Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is characterised by its role being of a high importance level with its objective being vital to business continuity or progression. Strategic documents such as business plans and documents related to intellectual property are sensitive in nature and are usually targeted at financial institutions or investors. Additionally, strategic communication when developed well and with diligence can have a considerable impact on efficiency and effectiveness.


Creative Works

From academic dissertations to personal publications, creative pieces of work enables one to complete an academic qualification or tell a story to millions. Besides working on long term singular literary creative work projects, our passion is also to assist in bringing out the communicator in you. Please contact us if you need an objective view and assistance on compiling or editing your personal project.


Design and Development

Messages need not only be conveyed with the written or spoken word. Sounds, colour, shapes and virtuosity enhances overall effectiveness while containing subtle messages in itself. Our design capabilities allow us to develop tools such as websites and banners which are unique and tailored to your vision as a business as well as to achieve optimum influence on your target market. Africend is adept at design and development as well as analysis and redevelopment in the following:

  • Websites
  • Digital and Print Designs for physical and digital applications
  • Video footage including Drone footage in 4K resolution
  • Consolidated Campaigns

Reaching your Customer 

Understanding important aspects such as unique and differentiating selling points and creating a prodigious message is the foundational layer of this objective. Analytical tools allow us to understand your current digital footprint and strategize realistic paths to achieve your individual objectives. Our research methodology not only allows us to craft the correct message for a specific target market, but also gives us insight to where and how to find them. Africend strategically enhances your reach with:

  • Pay per click advertising– Generate more traffic to your website and improve awareness, reach more leads and increase revenue
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Attract more qualified and mobile customers by appearing high up on search engine results
  • Paid Social Media Advertising– reach new potential customers on their favourite social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Google Business Management– Management of business tags, search words, listings, updates and related information improves visibility and access