Our Core Function

“the ability to create the right message and ensure its legible communication to the applicable target market is critical to business progression”

We describe ourselves simply as a Communications Imagineering Specialist. Our processes and views may sometimes be unconventional as our business model differs from the norm. We spend the time walking with you step by step, understanding your business and the specific objectives that you’ve set out. Whether it’s a new website, a unique product offering or content development for articles and campaigns, the process remains unique. We would gladly spend 55 minutes in an hour to understand our client so that we are able to imagineer end results the way they imagined it. The essence of what we do starts with your end goal and we use a multitude of ways to get you there. Africend provides in house, holistic marketing, strategy and sales solutions coupled with a wide range of business enhancing software and processes, all of which are ultimately aimed at progressing businesses and their associated brands. We also work closely with a phenomenal design team which plays a role in converting communication into visuals and voice overs which appeals specifically to your target audience.


Why Communications?

Since the beginning of business, thousands of years ago, the ability to process and disseminate accurate and concise information to the target population has been of the utmost importance. Although technology has enabled the human race with spectacular ease of distribution, never before witnessed by humankind, it has created a scenario where inaccurate information can reach millions of people and can never truly be retracted in its entirety. Furthermore, the distribution of information to internal organisational teams are equally as efficient which enables organisations to swiftly educate staff on strategic and operational objectives. These truths empower businesses only when the right message is conveyed.

Our professional background which ranges from scientific academic papers, business publications and operational and strategic reporting for public and private entities spans over a decade. In part, this has enabled Africend to cross barriers between understanding, development and subsequent communication of necessary information. From a simple but powerful social media campaign to complex business and training documents, we have a passion for communication from inception to dissemination. What better way to Link Solutions and Enhance Business than with accurate and targeted communication?


Auxiliary Function

Although termed “auxiliary”, these functions are instrumental in ensuring that communication produced reaches the places you need it to. We specialise in multiple platforms and are constantly updating our skill set in order to maximise the reach, awareness and content objectives of your communication with the ultimate goal of initiating new business and promoting current clients to act on new products and services.